Unboxing the New iPhone XS / XS Max Cases!

Got the New iPhone? Now get the case to protect it.

The glass and metal design of the new phone looks spectacular in the hand. Though it is slippery and expensive to repair (even a screen repair out of warranty costs $329 for the XS Max, according to the Apple’s updated service repair pricing page), and you know you're going to drop it. So which is the best case to protect the $1000 device that’s covered in glass?

What's new this year?

Last year, we released the first Mod Case for the new iPhone launch, as well as our third-generation ShockSpread material. This year, we bring customization to the next level. In short - we have an updated version of modular case that offers an even better customization experience, a customizable bumper case that can be mixed and matched your colorway, and the premium SolidSuit Case in 11 premium finishes. Let’s take a closer look one by one!

(SolidSuit Black Oak Case, CrashGuard NX Bumper Case in black frame + red rim, Mod NX Case in white frame + clear backplate)

Wait, are iPhone X cases compatible with the XS?

First, there are two things you need to know: 1. The display sizes and dimensions of the two phones are the same. 2. The lens positions on the glass back are slightly different. Therefore iPhone X bumper cases (with no back covers) will fit the XS, while cases with back covers won’t fit.

iPhone X cases / products which are compatible with the XS: CrashGuard / CrashGuard NX Bumper Case, Mod / Mod NX Case in bumper case mode, Impact Protection Screen Protector / Back Protector, Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone X cases / products which are incompatible with the XS: SolidSuit Case, Mod / Mod NX Case in standard case mode (with a backplate), Lens adapter


Go Modular: Mod NX

Who shall go with the Mod NX case: Those who always switch cases to suit different seasons or occasions.

The Mod NX is an updated version of our first-generation modular case. It can be switched between a bumper case and a full back case. All its components are changeable and can be customized into any way you want it!

With the Mod NX, we've made some small but significant updates to the case system to provide an even better customization experience: better fit, improved scratch resistance, an easier installation/removal method. (read this article which explain the updates in details).

One prominent update is the wide selection of component colors (7 frame / 11 rim / 16 button colors) and backplate designs (100+) we've added, to provide greater customization possibilities!

(The Mod NX backplate rises over the lens surface and protects it from scratches.)

A quick look at the Mod NX Case in iPhone XS Max:

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Go Minimal: CrashGuard NX

Who shall go with the CrashGuard NX case: Those who want to show the iPhone’s original design and like the minimalist style.

You might be familiar with our signature CrashGuard Bumper case. So what’s new with the NX? It is a modular version of our signature bumper case. While the original CrashGuard comes in one fixed color only, the CrashGuard NX allows you to turn it into a 2, 3 or even 4-color bumper. There are also special pre-installed color combinations to choose from.

You might wonder - isn’t CrashGuard NX the same as Mod NX? The case structure is the same, with changeable rim and buttons. However, the CrashGuard NX doesn’t include a clear backplate in the set (a standard Mod NX set comes with the frame, rim, buttons in the same color AND a clear backplate). We made this version to cater for users who want a multi-colored bumper case without a backplate, since many people have been requesting this. Previously, if you want to mix and match the colors of your bumper case, you’d need to get the Mod NX no matter you need the backplate or not. Now, you can get the CrashGuard NX instead with a lower price!

(The subtle lip rising over the phone surfaces provides protection at different drop angles, especially for the lens.)

To enhance the back protection, you can also pair the bumper case with our Impact Protection Back Protector [20% off with case purchase (same model)].

A quick look at the CrashGuard NX Case in iPhone XS Max:

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Go Premium: SolidSuit

Who shall go with the SolidSuit case: Those who have really slippery hands and always drop the phone.

(SolidSuit cases in Classic finishes)

The SolidSuit is a tough case in an elegant shell. It provides full protection to the phone, covered with a premium finish at the back (which also adds a bit of grip).

A bit of history: In case you are not aware, this is actually our third-generation SolidSuit case! The first one came in 2015, with only the carbon fiber and leather finishes. The second one came in 2017, with a new diagonal pattern design in marble, brushed steel and carbon fiber finishes. The third one, which is the current one, came earlier this year with over 10 finishes / colors!

(SolidSuit cases in material finishes - Microfiber, Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber and Leather)

(SolidSuit cases in Wood finishes - Dark Walnut, White Walnut, Black Oak)

A quick look at the SolidSuit Case in iPhone XS Max:

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Search no more, your go-to case is here.

No matter which style, color or print you like, we have the case for you! And all our cases offer the same great design and impact protection you’ve come to expect. You can’t go wrong with a RhinoShield case ;)

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